Visa application, work permit and residence permit

RelocAid offers a tailor-made package for each client according to a company’s specific needs. This could be anything from providing the ‘basic steps’ in relocation to the full package service.

Stress-free relocation

You can be rest assured that we provide a first-class service in which we get to know each expat personally so we can ensure them the most ‘stress-free’ relocation. We take each expat under our wing and guide them smoothly through the relocation process so they can focus on their new job in hand, while also knowing that their family is settling in well into a new country.

We will provide you and each expatriate with a step-by-step guide, explaining what clearly needs to be completed to ensure a trouble-free relocation. This guide will provide a useful tool so each party knows what is involved in moving to a foreign country.

Immigration permits

While building an important relationship with each client, we will also ensure that we keep you fully informed of each individual’s relocation with regular status overviews. RelocAid will advise you on the best and fastest approach in applying for the necessary permits for the expatriate, while relieving you of the burden of paperwork involved. We can take care of a visa application, work permit and residence permit.

Personal expat services

Our personal service will mean that we will accompany each expat to the appointments with the different authorities in the Netherlands and liaise with third party advisors like tax, mortgage and insurance advisors to provide the best advice and service.

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